Roof replacements in Brisbane

New Roof — Roof Replacement in Brisbane, QLD
A new roof will completely change the look of your home, transforming it from the worst to the best in the street. Beards are the leaders in roof replacement in South East Queensland, with more than 25 years’ experience in the industry. We will ensure you get the correct advice, with careful consultations that take your tastes, budget and preferences into account.

Every roof requires maintenance over time. With the help of Beards Roofing & Plumbing, you can have your roof refurbished or replaced at an affordable rate. We offer routine maintenance packages to our corporate and real estate clients, while homeowners can request our services anytime they want their roof inspected and maintained.

Our team is proficient in all aspects of roof repairs, from minor upgrades to complete replacements. Whether the roof is leaking, damaged by a storm or needs tiles replaced—our number is the one to dial! We also conduct roof reports for real estate agents, offering full maintenance to ensure roofs are water-tight and functioning properly.
Roof Replacement — Roof Replacement in Brisbane, QLD

The most common problems that occur with roofs are:

  • Roof leaks—if you notice a leak, be sure to address it as soon as possible. You’ll likely end up saving yourself a lot of money and stress by correcting the issue before significant damage is done.

  • Ponding water—water collects on the roof and causes corrosion in the metal which can lead to leaks and other structural problems.

  • Galvanic reactions—when certain metals are put together, there can be a negative interaction that causes early corrosion.

  • Saltwater corrosion—homes close to the coast often corrode unless saltwater-resistant materials like Bluescope steel are used.

  • Holes—penetrations in your roof will lead to ponding and leaks. For example, solar panels flues installed incorrectly will cause issues further down the line.
New Replaced Roof — Roof Replacement in Brisbane, QLD

Advantages of a roof replacement:

  • Improves property value
  • Up to 25 years material warranty
  • 10-year workmanship warranty
  • Piece-of-mind
  • Roof & roof frame upgraded to Australian Standards
  • Lowering your energy bill
  • Turning the worst house in the street to the best house